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Geoportals: Visitor and Discovery Centres in the Geopark

The Geopark Geoportals are places where you can encounter the geological history of the area. They allow the visitor to glimpse into the different geological processes that have formed the Geopark Porphyry Land over millions of years using exhibitions, multimedia presentations, games, as well as educational and artistic displays. Each Geoportal presents a different geological phase, the associated rocks and raw materials as well as the related industrial heritage.
All Geoportals are also starting point for walks and cycle tours on signposted Georoutes and discovery trips to the surrounding sights. You can augment your visit to the exhibitions with practical experiences in quarries, geotopes, industrial and cultural heritage sites and discover the wonderful landscape of the Muldeland.
Our trained GeoRangers are available for guided tours of the Geoportals or excursions in the surrounding landscape of the Geopark Porphyry Land.

Geoportal Train Station Mügeln  “World of Kaolin“

Where does the raw material for dishes or ceramic pipes come from and what does it look like? Where in the world is this white clay mined? The multimedia exhibition provides micro-telescopes that allow you to explore the answers and 360° goggles to experience the production of Kaolin. Afterwards visitors can take the Georoute “Zum Kaolin“ to the viewing platform at the Kaolin open cast mine Schleben/Crellendorf.


Geoportal Röcknitz: Exhibition “Zeit-Wandel-Stein – Eventful History of a Landscape“

Why are there so many different rocks in the geopark? An exciting film and a small exhibition provides the answer at the Geoportal Röcknitz. Afterwards everybody will know why the playground in the garden is called "Fred Porphyrstein". While children can run wild here, the neighbouring Experience Garden invites parents to take a stroll through the geological history of the region.


Geoportal Hohburg: Museum Steinarbeiterhaus Hohburg_en

The Museum Steinarbeiterhaus Hohburg shows how hard it was to extract and cut the rocks in the past and how the quarry workers lived with their families. Visitors will be impressed by the richness of details shown in the historic exhibition rooms and the large outdoor space. The historic machines will be activated for visiting groups. The half-timbered house is a relic of a once widespread craft in this stony area.


Geoportal “Erden der Keramik“ in the House of Artists Schaddelmühle

Everything in the Geoportal "Erden der Keramik“ ("Clay for Ceramics") has to do with clay. Artists make use of the special properties of clay to express their creativity. Large sculptures or small pieces of art fill the workshops, the garden and the open air gallery of the House of Arts. Everyone is welcome here who wants to create with clay, watch or just wants to be inspired by the artistic ambience.


Geoportal “Porphyry House“ on the Rochlitzer Berg

The best place to learn about the fascinating Rochlitz Porphyry, geologically correctly called the Rochlitz Porphyry Tuff  is the Rochlitzer Berg (Rochlitz Hill). This globally unique rock is extracted here. To better understand the enthusiasm architects have for this rock you should visit the Einsiedelei, the lookout and especially Wechselburg Abbey, and experience it for yourself in one of our stone-carving projects.

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